Lorenzo Ghiglieri


World renowned artist and sculptor, Lorenzo Ghiglieri, has creations gracing the most prestigious museums and art collections around the world. The White House, Vatican, Kremlin and the Royal Palace in Madrid are just a few. His sculptures and paintings have been presented to Ronald Reagan, Al Gore, Mikhail Gorbachev, Pope Paul II, Queen Elizabeth and Luciano Povarotti.

Raised in Southern California. Lorenzo was the son of an Italian sculptor and a French artist mother. He grew up in a world of ethnic blends that enriched his understanding of world culture. After receiving formal art training, Lorenzo went forward on his own to study the Old Masters. At the age of 17 he was awarded a prestigious art scholarship, at 20 was working on national accounts and by 22 was commissioned to paint what became a gift from the U.S. to Great Britain for Queen Elizabeth’s coronation.

Over the next few years, Lorenzo won numerous national awards in design and illustration and, after a nationwide search, was invited to paint scenes for the international biblical epic, Earth: Theater of the Universe. During this two-year period of solid devotion, Lorenzo produced a spectacular 100-foot rendition of the earth’s history according to biblical tradition that incorporated close to 400 figures, most of which were posed and painted from life.

The result of his inspiration has been thrilling thousands who have attended gallery and screen presentations of his work.