Special Series: William L. Marcy | Limited Edition of 5 (A4)


Special Series: William L. Marcy



4/5 Remaining  

Printed by the United States Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and printing, from the actual dies and plates, this rare collection of intaglio bank notes (printed on one side only, not legal tender) includes the following:

The front of an 1891 $1,000 Silver Certificate, featuring William L. Marcy (1786-1857) and an allegorical figure of Liberty.

The front of an 1890 $100 United States Note, featuring David G. Farragut who was the first man to hold the rank of Admiral in the United States Navy.

The front of a 1901 $10 United States Note, known as the “Buffalo Bill,” with portraits of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, and the bison in the central design.

This rare collection is a limited edition of only 5 and is signed and numbered by Rare World Treasures (RWT).

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