Landing Of The Pilgrims Five Series | Limited Edition of 11 (A13)


Landing Of The Pilgrims Five Series

20” X 24”


11/11 Remaining

Printed by the United States Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and printing, from the actual dies and plates, this rare collection of intaglio bank notes (printed on one side only, not legal tender) includes the following:

The front of an 1890 $5 United States Treasury Note. This rare note has the signatures of the Register of the Treasury as well as the Treasurer of the United States of America printed on it.

The back of a second issue, 1902 $5 United States Note. This note depicts the “Landing of the Pilgrims,” which illustrates several families disembarking into the New World for the first time.

The front of an 1896 $5 Silver Certificate. This is the final note of a set of three devoted to the renowned series of 1896 by the Department of the Treasury Bureau of Engraving and Printing in Washington, D.C.

This rare collection is a limited edition of only 11 and is signed and numbered by Rare World Treasures (RWT).

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