David G. Farragut 100 Series | Limited Edition of 8 (A22)


David G. Farragut 100 Series

20” X 24”


8/8 Remaining

Printed by the United States Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and printing, from the actual dies and plates, this rare collection of intaglio bank notes includes the following:

The front of an 1890 $100 United States Note, featuring David G. Farragut who was the first man to hold the rank of Admiral in the United States Navy.

The back of an 1890 $100 Treasury or “Coin” note issued under legislation of July 14, 1890. These notes were backed by metallic reserves, hence the term coin notes.

The back of an 1882 $100 “Brown back” National Bank note. These notes were issued in the second chapter period, July 12, 1882 to April 11, 1902 all in Series 1882.

*These one-sided notes are not legal tender and have never been in circulation.*

This rare collection is a limited edition of only 8 and is signed and numbered by Rare World Treasures (RWT).

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