1878 Ten Thousand Series | Limited Edition of 13 (A20)


1878 Ten Thousand Series

15” X 18”


10/13 Remaining

Printed by the United States Treasury, Bureau of Engraving and printing, from the actual dies and plates, this rare collection of intaglio bank notes includes the following:

The front of an 1878 $10,000 Series United States Note, which was authorized by the Act of March 3, 1863 to bring the number of United States notes in circulation up to their legal limit. This was the first series to feature a $5,000 and $10,000 note. None are known to be in circulation today

The back of an 1878 $10,000 Series United States Note. United States Notes have been issued since 1862 when the ruling was reversed and they are still a part of the monetary system of the United States.

*These one-sided notes are not legal tender and have never been in circulation.*

This rare collection is a limited edition of only 13 and is signed and numbered by Rare World Treasures (RWT).

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