About Us

Treasure Investments Corporation

Treasure Investments (TIC) has a diverse business platform, creating and providing fine art in original sculptures from small desk top images and collectibles to larger than life heroic monuments.  Our master mould collection contains hundreds of original moulds from world famous artists here in America and Europe. Our castings are created in fine bronze and precious metals, including pure silver and solid gold. Anchored in philanthropy, one of our main business divisions is our charity auction program, where we are dedicated to helping allocate valuable assets to be donated to nonprofit fundraising events and auctions.  Members of our team have helped raise tens of millions of dollars in every state of the United Stated since 1998. Our team has placed pieces from our collections to over 50,000 charity auctions, truly making a difference and positively impacting thousands of lives.

Our subject matter is broad and prolific including wildlife images, biblical, historical, western and cultural. We are continuing to broaden our asset base of master moulds and have recently commissioned a new 50 image collection entitled “Legacy Collection” by the world famous Lorenzo Ghiglieri.

In addition to our sculpture collections, we are now providing rare and valuable Americana currency and scripophily collections  to non-profit fund raising events.

Treasure Investments is now building a gallery network throughout  the United States for representation of some of our select and best selling sculptures.

2017 looks to be a great year for TIC as we are looking to build out our new office headquarters in Battleground, Wa.  We are a growing and expanding fine art business with incredible marketing and business strategies including RevPac (Revenue Participation Certificate Program), our maverick auction model, our bullion division and many others.  In the 2nd quarter of 2017 we will be publishing our quarterly and highly informative fine art and investment guide newsletter that will be by subscription only.  Exciting  times ahead for TIC, its shareholders and collectors.. stay tuned and visit us @ fineart1.com.